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Gamified Event Platform

Streamline customer interactions from booking to feedback for improved efficiency.

3D/AR Retailtainment

Innovate with cost-effective 3D/AR activations for quicker deployment and enhanced omnichannel experience.

Marketing Effectiveness

Measure the impact of each activation using advanced analytics to optimize effectiveness.

Use Case #1

Boost Engagement & Track Visitor Participation with OmniLab's Digital Passport

Event Management
Utilize OmniLab's Gamified Event Platform to issue 3D badges as visitors engage with different activations. This system encourages continued participation and interaction, rewarding attendees with exclusive offers or discounts upon collecting specific badges.

It's a great way to keep visitors engaged and gather valuable data on attendee preferences and behaviors.

Use Case #2

Transform your shopping center into an adventurous playground with an AR Treasure Hunt.

Utilize OmniLab's 3D model builder to design unique, on-brand collectibles that align with your marketing calendar events. These collectibles can be strategically placed throughout the shopping center, including inside tenant stores to drive foot traffic.

This engaging scavenger hunt not only entertains visitors but also encourages exploration of new store locations, enhancing overall visitor experience and tenant visibility.

Use Case #3

Enhance Environmental Initiatives with the Gamified Recycling Challenge

Transform recycling at your shopping center into an engaging experience with OmniLab's platform where visitors can earn 3D badges for recycling items like clothes and electronics.

Our system tracks each contribution by weight and educates users about their positive environmental impact, such as water saved and CO2 emissions reduced.

A communal leaderboard promotes friendly competition and increases awareness about sustainability, making green practices both fun and rewarding.

Use Case #4

Unite and Empower Your Communities with OmniLab's Charity Challenge

Encourage visitors to participate in events or activations, with the center donating a set amount for each participation to a chosen NGO. Enhance engagement by rewarding participants with exclusive 3D badges, turning each contribution into a fun, gamified experience.

This initiative enhances visitor engagement, builds community loyalty, and actively supports important causes.

Use Case #5

Expand Your Reach beyond your Shopping Centre with the AR Enigma Challenge

Invite email subscribers and social media followers to solve an AR-based puzzle or riddle from the comfort of their homes.

Successful solvers unlock entry to a raffle filled with exciting rewards.

This digital experience enhances brand visibility and extends the shopping center experience directly into visitor homes, fostering a deeper connection with your brand.

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